Monday, February 20, 2012

About Heartburn / GERD: C. diff and PPIs -- Is There a Connection?

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C. diff and PPIs -- Is There a Connection?
The FDA has warned that using proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) may increase the risk of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) associated diarrhea (CDAD). Data from the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System was... Read more

Medications That May Cause Heartburn
While we most often think of certain foods as causing heartburn, there are also some medications that may cause heartburn. This is a result of relaxing the lower... Read more

Heartburn and Your Diet - Share Your Experiences and Tips
There are a some foods I have to avoid because they trigger heartburn. Over the years I've learned how to create a diet that keeps me heartburn free... Read more

Prevention and Treatment
Find tips and self-help suggestions for preventing heartburn / acid reflux. Also, learn what type of treatments are available to treat heartburn.


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