Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About Alternative Med: Barley Grass, Orthosilicic Acid, White Tea

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From Cathy Wong, your Guide to Alternative Med
This week, get the lowdown on barley grass, find out about orthosilicic acid, learn the benefits of white tea, and get the scoop on the use of tea tree oil for acne.

Can Barley Grass Juice Up Your Health?
Get the science behind barley grass, a popular juicing ingredient said to fight cancer, promote weight loss, and enhance your energy... read more
See More About:  juicing  herbs and supplements 

Building Bone with Orthosilicic Acid
A natural source of silicon, orthosilicic acid may help promote bone formation and protect against aging-related bone loss... read more

The Wonders of White Tea
Offering more antioxidants than green or black teas, white tea now shows promise as a natural fat-fighter. Get the scoop on this delicious brew's health-boosting potential, from combating obesity to protect against cancer...read more

Tea Tree Oil for Acne
Find out about the use of tea tree oil, topically, for acne...read more


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