Monday, February 27, 2012

About Type 2 Diabetes: When it's Good to be Sensitive

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From Elizabeth Woolley, your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
One of the best ways to deal with type 2 diabetes is to address insulin resistance. At the moment, it's the most understood underlying cause of this disease. What causes insulin resistance in diabetes? We don't fully know that yet, but we do know how to make insulin resistance less of a problem. Here is some information to help you learn how to become more sensitive to insulin.

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity
Diabetes is a complicated disease that involves many conditions and interactions. Insulin is an important player to learn about in this intricate disease. It is helpful to understand how insulin is supposed to function normally and how it functions when you have diabetes. When you have type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance occurs because of lowered insulin sensitivity. One of your management goals should be to increase your insulin sensitivity.

Diabetes Lifestyle Changes
I pointed you to this article a few newsletters back. I believe it is one of the most important articles I have contributed to the site. All the advice is geared toward increasing insulin sensitivity, so I am including it again.

About Insulin Resistance
What do you know about insulin resistance and it's role in in type 2 diabetes? Do you know how insulin resistance is tied to metabolic syndrome? Get the low-down on insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance Diet - Review
I bought this book many years ago, and the Insulin Resistance Diet book has been a permanent part of my diabetes library. Since reading, I have permanently incorporated the basic concepts into my diet even when I have been following other diets. It is based on good research and generally accepted diet guidelines. There is nothing controversial or shocking here. It is based on good common sense to help minimize insulin resistance.


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