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About Breast Cancer: Bone Health and Hormonal Therapy

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
During chemo, I felt pretty fragile and creaky. Then I went on hormonal drugs and entered "chemo-pause" which made me act like Creaky, Grumpy, Weepy, and some of the other Seven Dwarfs!

Aromasin Makes Post-Treatment Trouble For Survivors
How's this for timing? Last week I went for my bone density scan and got diagnosed with osteoporosis. This week, I read that taking Aromasin (which I did, for 3 years) causes bone thinning. That makes it even more important to keep up on annual screenings and bone meds.

Has Aromasin given you any trouble? Let me know by leaving a comment here.

Having a Bone Density Scan
I actually enjoy this kind of screening. I get to lie down, have my feet propped up, and snooze in a dimly-lit room while a machine takes pictures - without compressing any of my tender parts. What I don't enjoy is getting the diagnosis - but it is better to know, so my doctor can get me the right treatment.

Estrogen, Bone Loss, and Chemotherapy
Estrogen is good for your bones, but it can fuel breast cancer, too. That's why many chemo drugs make your hormone levels plummet. Fortunately you can do something about this - during and after treatment!
See More About:  estrogen  bone density scan  chemotherapy

Staying Healthy Following Breast Cancer Treatment
It takes some work and lots of patience to get back in your groove, once your treatments are over. Rev up your recovery with a super-healthy diet, add some exercise, and don't expect to feel "normal" right away.


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