Monday, February 13, 2012

About Alzheimer's / Dementia: Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Symptoms & Brain Changes

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From Esther Heerema, your Guide to Alzheimer's / Dementia
One of the more promising studies about a medication for treating Alzheimer's was released this past week. A skin cancer showed remarkable effects on mice with Alzheimer's. Will those benefits translate to humans? Also, the definition for "mild cognitive impairment" is changing, and this may have ripple effects for those diagnosed with early Alzheimer's.

Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms & Brain Changes in Mice
A drug approved for treatment of skin cancer has been shown to rapidly reverse signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine demonstrated that bexarotene (brand name Targretin) decreased the presence of...Read more

New Definition of Mild Cognitive Impairment Blurs Distinction between MCI & Early Alzheimer's
A recent article in Neurology reported that a revised definition of mild cognitive impairment has been developed by a work group from the Alzheimer's Association and National Institutes of Aging.... Read more

The Clock-Drawing Test: Research on Scoring & Usefulness
The clock-drawing test has been around for many years and is sometimes used independently to quickly screen people for signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's and other dementia. It's also been integrated as a part of other screening tests such as the Mini-Cog. Some family members have even used...Read more

82 Year Old Man Missing From Adult Foster Care Facility Is Found Safe
Locally, the news reported a story about a man who is 82 years old and has a diagnosis of dementia. Do you know how to prevent wandering, what to do when your disoriented loved one is trying to go out the door, or how to search if a loved one is missing? Read more


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