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About Breast Cancer: Dealing With Periodic Breast Pain

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
If I had my way, breasts would never be painful. But we have to have hormones, in order to develop breasts (among other things). And once we have those hormones coming and going, sometimes we also have breast pain. But we have ways of dealing with it!

Dealing With Periodic Breast Pain
Ladies, when your period cycles, how do you feel? Yes, I thought so - and it's all about hormones. Monthly breast tenderness, swelling, and aching is usually caused by your female hormones. There are many things you can do to help make yourself more comfortable.

Ouch! There's a Sharp Pain in My Breast!
Believe it or not, not all breast pain is caused by hormones. You may get a sharp, burning, tingling, stabbing, or shooting pain in those soft and tender tissues. It's unfair, I know. So together we will look at which type of pain it is, possible causes, and then get you some help for it.

Breast Pain, Periods, and The Pill
I used to take the combination birth control pill, and it did change my hormone levels. It wasn't until I looked up the research for this article that I really understood how The Pill affected my cycle as well as my breast (and tummy) pain. And guess what - if you take the minipill (progestin only) your experience is even different than mine!

Eating Well Through Cancer, Made Easy
This is becoming my favorite cookbook. In fact, I'm about to give it my sister, who is going through chemo right now, and her appetite isn't great. I've tested several recipes from this book and I promise they really are easy! Don't miss the Sweet Potato Pound Cake.


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