Thursday, March 10, 2011

About Stress Management: Take The Stress Out Of Daylight Saving Time

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
This weekend, many of us will be experiencing Daylight Saving Time, where we "lose" an hour of our night to make room for more morning daylight. Few people look forward to losing this hour of sleep, and it can actually be stressful to deal with the lack of sleep. This newsletter brings sleep and stress management resources that are helpful any time of year, but especially so this weekend. Join us on Facebook, and have a restful, relaxing rest-of-the-week! -Elizabeth

The Dangers of Daylight-Saving Time
Learn about the potential dangers of too little sleep and, more importantly, what you can do this weekend and all year, to give yourself the rest you need for optimal functioning. You can also leave your challenges and tips in the comments section and share this with your sleep-deprived friends and family.

The Upside of Daylight Saving Time
As I discovered when I blogged about it last year, many people are NOT fans of Daylight Saving Time. Nobody likes to lose an extra hour from there day (or night), and I can definitely understand that sentiment. However, there are some benefits, too. Learn about the "bright side" of DST.

Take A Few Shortcuts For Stress Relief
If you're looking at losing some time from your day (an hour, to be exact), you may find yourself wanting that time back! Here are some strategies to get that amount of time--or more!--back into your life by cutting out or speeding up what's not important, and making room for what is!

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