Monday, March 21, 2011

About Stress Management: How Happy Are You? New Ways To Be Happier

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Most people would love to be happier if it were possible. And with the field of positive psychology, it's increasingly possible to know what specific steps you can take to increase your levels of personal happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in life. This newsletter brings you some of the research that details the steps to greater happiness, and tools to help get you there. You can also join the Facebook Group About Stress Management for tips on happiness and stress relief, as well as other resources. I hope you have a happy week!! --Elizabeth

The Happiest Person In America--Could It Be You?
Last week, I was intrigued to find that there was a specific person who, based on demographics, was believed to be, possibly, the Happiest Person In America. What variables do people look at when assessing happiness? What does science have to say about all this? Learn more about this Happiest Person In America, and decide if, perhaps, it could be you.

Top Ways To Be Happy
According to a poll on this site, close over 80% of people are less happy than they'd like to be. Fortunately, research has found several happiness strategies with proven results. Here are seven of the most effective and accessible ones. Try them out, and make them--and greater happiness--permanent parts of your life.

Quiz: How Happy Are You?
While there's more to happiness than just the absence of stress, many of the areas we focus on in stress management are the same areas in life that, according to recent research, are correlated with overall happiness as well. This 16-question self test can help you examine those areas of your life and roughly measure your overall happiness level. It can also supply you with targeted resources so you can maximize each area of life that could bring you extra joy, meaning, and life satisfaction.

More Research On Happiness
In recent years, researchers have discovered some very interesting things about what does and doesn't lead to happiness. Learn more about happiness research findings, and see how you can use this information to build a happier, more satisfying life.


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