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About Low Carb Diets: How Much Protein Do You Need?

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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
I get lots of questions about protein. What is enough, what is too much? We are still learning, actually. For example, there is some new research which suggests that eating about 30 grams three times per day is an optimal minimum to avoid muscle loss as we age - that eating that amount at one time stimulates muscles (but more does not help). It's all interesting, and fun to watch the emerging science. Have a great week - Laura

How Much Protein Do You Need?
What is protein? How much protein do we need? Is it possible to eat too much protein? These are important questions for people following a low-carb way of eating, who usually are replacing part of their carbohydrate intake with protein. Also check out this list of high-protein foods and the amount of protein in each.
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Time to Stop Being Afraid of Saturated Fat
This is from my blog last year, reporting on a large analysis which concluded that eating saturated fat does not raise the risk of heart disease. Time to stop imagining that the fat we eat is "clogging our arteries"! (Did you know that if you eat too much carbohydrate, your body just converts it to fat, much of which is saturated?)

Carbs in Milk and Milk Alternatives
Compare whole milk, goat's milk, almond milk, cream, etc.
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Living with Others who Eat Differently
Are you in a "mixed marriage" where one eats low-fat and the other low-carb? Living with others who eat differently can be a challenge! Here are some tips to help bring peace to the dinner table, and then feel free to share your own tips!.


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