Monday, March 14, 2011

About Exercise: Cardio Before Strength Training

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From Paige Waehner, your Guide to Exercise
If you follow the exercise guidelines, you're doing upwards of 11 workouts every week. That's right, 5 cardio, 3 strength and 3 flexibility workouts. Now, most of us combine flexibility with our other workouts (or, frankly, skip that part if we run out of time), but fitting all that in to a 7-day week can get hectic and confusing. If you're not sure when to do what or which one to do first, this week's article offers a few reasons to start your workout with cardio. I know, the fun never ends, does it? Enjoy and have a great week!

Cardio Before Strength Training?
In the world of fitness, there are many confusing questions: How much exercise should you do and how do you schedule all those workouts each week? How do... Read more

What's your favorite home fitness equipment?
If I had to pick a favorite piece of exercise equipment, it would probably be a tie between my kettlebells and my exercise ball. I love kettlebells because you... Read more

It's Almost Spring: Prepare Yourself
There is no greater word in the English language than the word 'spring'...except maybe words like 'sun' and 'fun' and 'going outside.' While the mind embraces the new season,... Read more

Vote: Are you addicted to exercise?
If one must have an addiction (and it's not a requirement), exercise seems like a good choice. Unlike alcohol or drugs, exercise doesn't cause you to do embarrassing things like flirt with your boss at the office Christmas party....Read more


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