Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About Depression: Spring Forward, Fall Back Into Depression?

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From Nancy Schimelpfening, your Guide to Depression
How many of you suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months? Do you have any particular problems when the time changes in the spring? If the time change forces you to once again leave for work or school when it's still dark outside, it's very possible that you can experience a temporary relapse in your symptoms. Join the Discussion

Spring Forward, Fall Back Into Depression?
While many look forward to Daylight Saving Time and having more light at the end of the day, others, especially those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), may find themselves slipping back into depression at this time of year... Read more

Depressed Dads More Likely to Spank
A new study, which involved fathers of one-year-old children, found that depressed dads were more likely to spank their children and less likely to read to them than non-depressed dads... Read more

Battered Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
Often we tend to think of domestic violence as something that happens to women. Investigators at the Group Health Center for Health Studies, however, say domestic violence against men is "under-studied and often hidden"... Read more
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It Might Not Be the Flu!
Have you been feeling tired, achy and nauseous and thought you might be coming down the flu? If you recently stopped taking an antidepressant--or just missed a dose--you could be experiencing discontinuation syndrome... Read more


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