Monday, March 14, 2011

About Stress Management: Find More Time In Your Day

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Many of us are adjusting to one less hour this week as daylight saving time dictates that we "spring forward." And if you're not in the D.S.T. zones, this newsletter can help you, too.) Whether you're compensating for a lost hour, or just wish you had some more time in your day, this newsletter brings tips that can help you stay energized during the day, sleep well at night, and reduce stress at the same time. -Elizabeth

How To Find More Time In Your Day
To compensate for that lost hour (or to get more time just because most people generally wish we had an extra hour anyway), here are some strategies that can help free up time an extra hour or so. See what works for you!
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Free Assessment: How Balanced Is Your Lifestyle?
If this lost hour throws you into a state of imbalance, you may be overscheduled. This free self-assessment helps you look at different areas of your life, and find targeted tips to help you in the areas where you may need help. If you need to find greater balance, this test can help!

5 Stress Relievers for Busy People
If you're stressed and don't have enough time on your hands, it helps to have some quick stress relievers! Here are some that can work for you!

Sleep Better When Stressed
If lack of sleep is an issue you deal with regularly, stress could be part of the reason. Find out how stress can sabotage sleep, and see what you can do about it now, so you can be better rested this week.


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