Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About Bipolar Disorder: Depression, Manic Depression, and Quack Fact

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Bipolar Disorder

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From Marcia Purse, your Guide to Bipolar Disorder
You can't say I don't pay attention to those who disagree with me. I follow the major anti-psychiatry group, the CCHR, on Twitter. Now if they would just get their facts straight... see the Quack Fact below.

Bipolar Depression: Symptoms of Decreased Energy and Activity
The depressive side of bipolar disorder can express itself in many, many ways. One group of symptoms and behaviors comes under the heading of loss of energy and decreased activity.... Read more

Why "Manic Depression" Became "Bipolar Disorder"
Though the manic depressive condition was described millennia ago, the actual term "manic depression" came into being relatively recently, and "bipolar disorder" was suggested just.... Read more

Quack Fact: No Genetic Proof of Mental Illnesses
"Get the facts," says the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, "about psychiatric diagnoses of mental illnesses. Learn about one of the biggest so-called medical scams in history." In this case, "getting the facts" turns out.... Read more

On the Medication Carousel
"For six months," I wrote, "we have been trying to find a combination of medications that would combat my depression, NOT induce mania, and neither make me gain more weight nor prevent me from losing weight. Nothing has worked." The next installment of my online Bipolar Journal... Read more


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