Monday, January 9, 2012

About Stress Management: What To Leave Behind In The New Year

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Many people are looking at things to add to 2012--happiness, success, etc.--but what about the things we need to leave behind, the things that cause us stress? This newsletter brings ideas on what to lose from your life, and the resources to help you do that. I hope your 2012 has been happy so far, and look forward to helping you make it even better! For more resources, visit the Facebook Page About Stress Management (be sure to "like" it if you want regular resources), and Follow About_Stress On Twitter! --Elizabeth

Top Stressful Situations To Eliminate In The New Year
What situations bring you the most stress? (Or, what situations can bring you the greatest stress relief if you find better ways to manage them, or even eliminate them?) Here are several situations that tend to bring the most stress, and what to do to manage them.

Perhaps The Most Popular Thing To Get Rid Of...
Many people make the same resolution for the new year--to lose weight and get more fit. Fortunately, stress management can help! Learn how stress and weight are connected, and how you can use stress relief techniques to help reach your fitness goals in the new year!

Ongoing Stress Management Resources
What resources does this site have to offer? You probably already know about the articles, and obviously receive this newsletter, but there are several other stress management resources you may not know about--and they're all free. Cut out stress with the help of Stress Management resources.

Poll: Do You Hold Grudges?
Leaving anger behind is another wonderful goal for 2012. The link above can lead you to forgiveness resources and to this poll:
Do You Hold Grudges?


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