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About Breast Cancer: Survivors Use Mindfulness To Lower Stress

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
If you think that the first year after you're diagnosed is the worst - you are right! Research confirms that your emotions as well as your body is highly stressed during that first year, and doesn't always gracefully taper off. But there are ways to deal with this!

Breast Cancer Survivors Use Mindfulness To Lower Stress
A group of newly-diagnosed women took an 8-week course on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and scored well on stress tests. This improved their emotional and physical health! Until the study was over, and then ... read what happened.

Young Women With Breast Cancer Are Heavily Impacted By Weighty Issues
"Will I survive breast cancer?" is the question that every patient asks. But when the patient is a college student, a young mother, or a rookie career woman, she faces choices and issues that menopausal women may not have to deal with. An expert is putting together a program of services designed to support just this kind of patient.
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Chemopause - I'm Too Young For Hot Flashes!
I call it "Chemopause" because many chemo drugs induce early menopause. It comes with all the symptoms of natural menopause, but it happens quickly. In younger women, chemopause may be only temporary. But then, you might get to have menopause twice! If it happens, you'll be ready.

How Does Chemotherapy Affect Fertility?
Not every oncologist mentions the possibility of chemo causing infertility. Of course, if you're menopausal - there's no issue - but if you're still having periods, you'd better make a plan. Fertility may be preserved, but make sure you know when and how to take the right steps.


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