Thursday, February 2, 2012

About Running & Jogging: Boost Your Motivation; Super Bowl Eating Tips

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From Christine Luff, your Guide to Running & Jogging
It's been unseasonably warm in my area, so it's been relatively easy to get motivated to run outside (in a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter!) But I know it can't last forever and soon I'll need a little extra motivation to run in the bone-chilling cold or on the treadmill.

Bust Your Excuses for Not Running
When it's cold or dark outside, or you're too tired to go to the gym, it's easy to talk yourself out of running. Here are a few ideas to help beat your excuses. Read more.
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7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Run

Avoid Burnout from Running
Here's how to avoid that "I just don't feel like running anymore" feeling. Read more.

How Do You Stay Motivated to Run?
How do you stay inspired to keep up your running habit? Share your motivation secrets and get tips from other runners. Read more.

Avoid Super Bowl Splurging
If you're attending a Super Bowl party featuring endless amounts of high-cal, fatty foods (mandatory at all Super Bowl parties), here are some tips for avoiding overindulging.
How to Avoid Mindless Eating
7 Ways to Control Your Cravings
Tips for Portion Control
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