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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Finding stress relievers that are suited to your personality can save you time and effort. Rather than going through a list of techniques that may or may not be the best fit for you, why not start with stress relievers that are geared toward helping you with the stress triggers you know you have? These free quizzes are designed to not only help you assess personality traits and habitual thought patterns, but to find stress relief techniques that are suited to your quiz results. Find personalized stress relief tips in a matter of minutes! --Elizabeth P.S. You can find more stress tips, inspirational quotes, and conversations on our Facebook page (be sure to click "like" to receive updates in your feed) and via Twitter.

Is Your Social Life An Asset--Or A Liability?
This quiz is designed to assess the state of your relationships, support network, and social life as a whole to help you see if work is needed in this area, or if you have all the support you need. At the end of this 10-question personality test, you'll be given resources to help you create and maintain healthier relationships.

Are You A Perfectionist?
What's the difference between a perfectionist and a high achiever? And is being a perfectionist really such a bad thing? Well, in a word, yes. Learn about the detrimental effects of being a perfectionist, and take this quiz to see if you have perfectionistic tendencies that could be causing you unnecessary stress.

How Assertive Are You?
You may be wondering what assertiveness has to do with stress management. The skill of assertiveness allows you to communicate with others while keeping conflict to a minimum, handle existing conflict in a way that benefits all, avoid unnecessary conflict in your relationships so you have stronger social support, and maintain boundaries so you don't become overwhelmed by stressful situations you didn't know how to say no to or avoid. Take this quiz to asses your current level of assertiveness, and find tips for becoming more assertive with people.

Ongoing Stress Management Resources
Here are more ongoing resources that can help with stress management. They include quizzes, polls, social media resources, and more.


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