Friday, February 10, 2012

About Women's Health: How to Think Like an Exerciser

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One of the best ways to adopt new habits is to take a big, hard look at your thought patterns, and slowly begin to transform them. This is especially true when you're trying to add more exercise into your life.

How to Think Like an Exerciser
This article spells out the different decisions an exerciser makes versus a non-exerciser. The differences are startling, and it may help you understand why you aren't forming new healthy habits.

Making Exercise a Priority
When my mother-in-law retired and started going to the gym every day (a very new thing for her), I made sure to let her know how jealous I was. Without that whole job thing in the way, she suddenly could make exercise so much more of a priority in her life. Which really means she can make her *health* a big priority -- and that seems like something we should all be able to do.

Getting Motivated to Exercise
If you think motivation is largely something that will one day just hit you in the face and make you start moving (like say, after some really bad health news, like high cholesterol numbers), you're wrong. Motivation is something we create, not passively wait for.

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
It's human nature to seek out the quick fix to any problem. But healthy weight loss is slow weight loss -- your body and mind need time to adjust.


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