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About Yoga: The First Decade

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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
I remember the location of my first yoga class, some 11 years ago, but the rest of the details are kind of blurry. The second class, at the studio that would be my home base for the next several years, is clearer. It was a small group and I remember the teacher moving us over to the wall for headstands. "Is she crazy?," I wondered. Still, the hooks were in me and my fascination with yoga has only grown over the years.

My Yogaversary - The First Decade
I'm not really great with the dates, but I know I took my first yoga class in the fall of 2001, not long after September 11th. I had only been in New York a few months and didn't have a job yet, so I couldn't afford many classes. An old resume shows that I started working for a book publisher in October, but it wasn't until a few months later that I became a regular at the yoga studio a few doors down from my office. So winter/spring 2002 was when I really became a student of yoga, meaning that I have now been practicing a full ten years, one of my longest relationships to date...Read more

How Did You Get Into Yoga?
I love hearing stories about how readers like you got hooked on yoga. Did you grow up on an ashram? Were you inspired by a early teacher? Did you do it to meet girls? Did you accidentally walk into the wrong class at the gym? Share your yoga story here!

Snow Yoga!
I know there's not been much snow in the U.S. this year, but it's a different story in Europe. Show us your snow yoga!

Pose of the Week - Legs Up The Wall - Viparita Karani
I've been taking a break from shoulderstand lately due to a stiff neck, but I've been really enjoying substituting legs-up-the-wall pose instead. Try taking a block or bolster under your butt in this pose and playing around with different leg variations, like taking the legs wide, into a baddha konasana position with the soles of the feet touching, or even into lotus if that pose is part of your practice.


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