Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About Bipolar Disorder: Charlie Sheen / Topamax Warning

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From Marcia Purse, your Guide to Bipolar Disorder
Whether he actually has bipolar disorder or not, Charlie Sheen is giving the world a pretty clear picture of manic behavior. It's my hope that Sheen's bizarre behavior, coupled with all the speculation about him being bipolar, will give the general public a better understanding of bipolar disorder. Here's your chance to weigh in with your thoughts about Sheen.

Charlie Sheen Denies Being Bipolar - What Do You Think?
As long as he denies having bipolar disorder and remains undiagnosed, I'm not going to state unequivocally that Charlie Sheen has bipolar. But there's no doubt he seems to be in a fairly severe manic episode. For example, he told an interviewer, "I have one speed, I have one gear: Go." Does that sound familiar to you?

New Warning on Topamax and Pregnancy
Researchers have proved that taking Topamax - generic topiramate - during the first trimester of pregnancy has a significantly increased risk of certain birth defects. This doesn't mean you should suddenly quit taking Topamax if you are pregnant - that has it's own risks; it does mean you need to read the new guidelines for women of childbearing age regarding the drug and talk with your doctor right away.
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New Genetic Knowledge About Bipolar Disorder
A large study, and its even larger follow-up study, have conclusively shown that a particular genetic variant is strongly associated with bipolar disorder.

Will My Child Inherit Bipolar Disorder?
If you have bipolar disorder and are considering having children, one of the questions you are probably asking yourself is whether you would pass your bipolar disorder on to a child. Studies do show that your child would be more likely to inherit bipolar disorder because you have it. Here's information on how likely it is that a child would inherit bipolar disorder.


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