Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About Sexuality: Thoughts on a Campus Dildo Controversy

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
This week meet a professor challenging his class with a dildo, a young sex tech researcher challenging what we know (or think we know) about the value of social networks, and a couple building a new sexual life together after combat. Spring, I'm told, is just around the corner. ~ Cory

Thoughts on a Campus Dildo Controversy: Sex, Power,Privelege
Northwestern University professor John Michael Bailey is worried about what people will say about his on campus sex toy demonstration where two people used a sex toy (called a "fucksaw") as part of the after-class lecture series he curates. So what's the problem?
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Profiles in Sex Tech: Zai Divecha on Social Media
We're constantly being told that social media is changing the way we communicate, and changing our world. It makes for great copy, but what does it mean? Sex educator and researcher Zai Divecha wanted to find out. She'll be revealing her findings at the upcoming Sex::Tech conference, but shares her thoughts with in this sneak peak interview.
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Meet B.J. and Abby Jackson
Talking with B.J. Jackson it's hard to guess which part of his life he's more surprised by: The part where at 26 he is married and in a loving partnership, has three amazing kids (with a forth on the way) and uses double prostheses for the two legs he lost in Iraq -- or the part where he spends his time talking with strangers about his sex life. All things considered, both are accomplishments worth boasting about, but it's the sex talk that still makes him blush.


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