Friday, March 4, 2011

Brand new to RuneScape this month!

Official RuneScape Newsletter including the elemental workshop update, our monthly quiz and the latest RuneScape video!
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Elemental workshop IV

Delve into the next quest in the Elemental Workshop series, and it's, like, totally cosmic, man! Well it's not 'totally' cosmic...because it's chaotic too! Elemental Workshop IV brings you access to the cosmic machine AND the chaos machine as well!

Follow in Vitruvius's footsteps to solve the puzzle and get these machines online again, and you'll soon be wearing the rewards!

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Bonus XP Weekend
Video of the Month

The Wilderness update has led to a great upsurge in PvP combat, so what better time to brush up your combat training? Get tips to beef up your offence and increase your defence with this player-made mêlée combat training guide. Here, Sparc Mac shares his tips for efficient, cost-effective training.

To see more community videos and interviews with Jagex staff members, head to our very own community YouTube channel!

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March Quiz Quest

Each month, the Quiz Quest competition tests your knowledge about the RuneScape world. There are prizes for five winning entries; the winner will receive a complimentary 3 months' membership to RuneScape and a RuneScape mouse mat signed by Mark Gerhard and a selection of other J-Mods. The lucky four runners-up will receive one month's RuneScape membership. We hope that you'll enjoy finding out the answer!

This month's Quiz Quest:

What is the name of the music tracks that play on the Frozen floors of Daemonheim?

Send your answer to or post it on our forums. The competition closes at 10:00 UK time on Friday 11 March, so jump into RuneScape and track down that answer today.

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We also post a monthly Forum Newsletter which contains a roundup of what's been happening in the community over the previous month. Why not check it out!

The hottest topic this month has been the return of Free Trade and the Wilderness. This has truly been a game-changing update, and the reception from the community has been amazing. Everyone has unique experiences to share - so don't forget to check out the official RuneScape forums!

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