Monday, January 2, 2012

About Exercise: Resolution Revolution

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From Paige Waehner, your Guide to Exercise
Welcome to 2012 or, as I'm calling it, The Year of the Revolution. I won't tell you some of the names I've heard about last year (let's just say that 2011 wasn't a great year for many of us), but I'm convinced that this year is going to be better, even though the holidays are officially over and most of us are back at work and, well, it's a little depressing. Maybe my New Year's resolution resources will cheer you up.

Get Ready for the New Year
There's a certain energy that comes with a new year, a surge of motivation that's so strong, it convinces us that this is the year we're finally going to lose weight, get healthy, become a better person, quit smoking and, of course, save the world...Read more

Resolution Revolution

These resources offer a variety of choices for getting start with your New Year's Resolutions. Exercise and weight loss programs, challenges, workouts and more...Read more

Exercises of the Week: Relaxing Stretches

The holidays are over, but these stretches are still a great idea if you're dealing with post-holiday stress ...Read more

Vote: Will you make resolutions this year?

When I was a kid, I thought we would be living like the Jetson's by 2012. I certainly didn't think we would still have to make New Year's Resolutions - mostly because I figured there would be a way to zap all of our problems away...Read more


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