Wednesday, January 4, 2012

About Low Fat Cooking: Happy, Healthy New Year

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From Fiona Haynes, your Guide to Low Fat Cooking
Happy New Year, and if you're new to this weekly newsletter, welcome! Whatever your reason for eating low fat, you'll find tips, advice and recipes to keep you on track. This week we kick off with a primer on portion control, because no matter what kind of diet you follow, how much you eat counts just as much as what you eat.

Shaping Up: Portion Control
As we begin anotehr new year, we're no doubt resolved once again to eat better and perhaps exercise more. Eating low fat is one part of this equation, but... Read more

Low Fat on a Budget
It seems that the cheapest foods are the most fat- and calorie-laden foods of all. How can you stick to eating low fat on a limited budget?

How Eating Fish Can Help You Eat Low Fat
Fish is a great source of lean protein, so why aren't we eating more of it? If you're bored with eating skinless chicken while trying to cut back on fat, consider adding fish to your diet.It's quick and easy to cook, and not necessarily expensive.

Does Eating Low Fat Reduce Our Risk of Heart Disease?
We now know that fats are not universally bad. Indeed they're critical for good health. But can replacing some kinds of fat with other types of fat help lower our risk of heart disease? The answer appears to be Yes.
See More About:  dietary fats  heart disease  saturated fats


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