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About Panic Disorder: Know the Basics

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Panic Disorder

Symptoms / Diagnosis



From Katharina Star, your Guide to Panic Disorder
Knowledge is power. If you or a loved have been diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, and/or panic attacks, you will want to get a better understanding of these mental health conditions. Get the information you need and learn the facts about panic disorder.

Top 10 FAQs About Panic Disorder
Panic disorder is a diagnosable mental health condition with a variety of symptoms, challenges, and treatment options. If you have panic disorder, you may have a lot of questions about your condition. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about panic disorder.

Panic Attacks: Get the FAQs
Panic attacks are the hallmark symptom of panic disorder. These attacks also commonly occur with other anxiety-related and medical conditions. Panic attacks can be frightening, as they are typically experienced with many alarming physical symptoms, such as chest pain and hyperventilation. Here you will find five common FAQs about panic attacks.

Agoraphobia 101
Agoraphobia is a condition that often occurs with panic disorder. It is marked by an intense fear of having a panic attack in a situation in which it would very difficult, if not impossible, to escape. People with agoraphobia are also often concerned about having panic attacks in places where it would cause them to be embarrassed or humiliated, such as at a crowded event or at work. Wanting to know more about agoraphobia? Get the answers you need through these five FAQs about agoraphobia.

Common Myths About Panic Disorder
There are many myths and misconceptions about panic disorder. For example, some people may believe that panic attacks are easily controlled. The media often suggests that anxiety-related conditions are the same as common worries. Even mental health experts argue about the criteria for diagnosing this condition. Debunk the myths and learn the facts about panic disorder.


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