Friday, January 6, 2012

About Women's Health: Wrinkles, Sagging, Flabby Parts -- Oh My!

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As we get older, man do things change. Like perky body parts. Where did those go? If you're looking for a big change -- like plastic surgery -- we've got the latest on the newest procedures and options.

Pumping and Plumping Parties
It can be tempting to think that just a little shot of Botox can take years off. If you get invited to a "pump and plump" party, be careful, as a simple-sounding injection also carries some serious risks.

New Dermal Filler Fits the Market
Laviv is the latest "dermal filler" for fine lines. This one is quite different from older products - it actually uses your body's own cells as the filler. But does that matter?

Cellulite Treatments That Work
Infomercials that promise a quick fix for dimply thighs are likely too good to be true. Here are several methods that actually DO work.

Losing the 'Mommy Tummy'
In recent years, the "mommy makeover" has gained popularity. While this can mean a lot of different things, it primarily includes a tummy tuck.
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