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About Stress Management: Take Simple Steps Toward Your Goals

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
I hope you're having a Happy New Year so far! I know that there are so many of you who are ready to make that big change this year--a change that will relieve stress and improve your quality of life--and are just itching to make it happen. I also know that you'll have an easier and more successful time with a little support. (That's where I come in.) This week (and beyond), I'm providing resources to make healthy, lasting changes in your life. Don't feel you have to do things perfectly right away--it's a process. And the process begins now! (Scroll down for more resources.) --Elizabeth

Happy New Year! Take A Step Toward Reaching Your Goals!
Today is a great day to think about making changes. Here's a great first step to take. Find help with goal setting, and start visualizing the future you'd like to see this year--this decade!

New Year Resolutions for Stress Relief
For those who don't have clear goals for the new year, here are some excellent choices if you are looking for a less-stressed, healthier and happier new year and new decade. Read through and get inspired! (Then we'll all work toward our chosen goals together!)
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Secrets of Happy People
Looking for ways to make yourself happier in the new year? Here are some great steps you can take, plus information on what happy people seem to have in common.
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Simple Tips for Achieving Goals
Many people are hesitant to become too excited about their goals because they are concerned about the possibility of not reaching them, and the disappointment they'll feel. (If this is you, don't worry--I'm planning on bringing you several resources this month and beyond, that can help you to keep your motivation up.) If you're working toward new goals for a new year, but aren't sure how to have success with it this year, these simple tips can help. Here's what we know about change.
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