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About Alzheimer's / Dementia: Alzheimer's Travels Through the Brain Like a Virus

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From Esther Heerema, your Guide to Alzheimer's / Dementia
Today's newsletter contains some interesting research on how tau protein, a marker of Alzheimer's, spreads from one area of the brain to another, much like a virus. Researchers also have discovered a similarity between early and late onset Alzheimer's disease that they didn't think existed. Finally, there are two more days to comment on the National Alzheimer's plan. I have sent each comment received on to the US Department of Health and Human Services. It's not too late to share your thoughts on the draft of this very important plan.

Alzheimer's Travels Through the Brain Like a Virus
What if we knew how Alzheimer's progressed in the brain, and could put up a roadblock to stop it? The latest research presented in the online journal PLoS ONE outlines a study that suggests that this may become possible... Read more

Research: Similar Gene Mutations in Early & Late Onset A.D.
When we consider early onset Alzheimer's disease (where symptoms appear before the age of 60) and late onset, there is a tendency to categorize early onset as familial, meaning that it has a strong hereditary component, and late onset as sporadic, meaning that it is much more random. However, based on what researchers are learning, we may need to rethink this...Read more

Elder Abuse: Who's at Risk and What Are the Signs?
Estimates range that anywhere from 2 to 10 million older Americans are abused every year. That includes the different kinds of elder abuse such as neglect, financial, physical, sexual, emotional,... Read more

Babyloid: New Robotic Baby Designed to Comfort Nursing Home Residents
A new robotic baby invention called a Babyloid was recently developed in Japan to "interact" with nursing home residents. The goal is to help alleviate depression in nursing home residents,... Read more


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