Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About Sexuality: Love the One You're With

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
This year I have decided to go minimal for Valentine's Day. Gone are the blog posts about marketing campaigns, hot air balloon rides, and sex toys. I can get into those things as much as the next person (well, not the hot air balloon, you couldn't pay me to get into one of those things) but for whatever reason I'm inspired this year to focus on the things that money can't buy, maybe it's because I, along with so many others, have a lot less money to spend. You can buy sex, and you can certainly rent happy distraction, but I'll have to stick with the Beatles and say that you can't buy love. Whether you're single or partnered, monogamous or not, I hope that at least one day this week and next you show yourself a little love. It might not be easy to do, but once you do it you realize it doesn't cost much, and it's worth a whole lot more than anything you can actual ly buy. ~ Cory

Love Thyself
Woody Allen said it best, masturbation is sex with someone you love. At least it should be. There was once a movement afoot to re-label masturbation as the art of self loving. Sometimes it might be more like self-liking, or just self-involving, but anyway you do it, you might pick up a few tips from's guide to masturbation.

Sex Tip: Reveal Yourself to Yourself
A sex tip that encourages you to open up this week, if only to yourself.
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Sex Question of the Week: Selfish In Bed
How can I tell if he thinks I'm selfish in bed? I was wondering if guys like being the one to be doing more of the kissing and caressing or if it should be more even. I'm not one to shy away from giving a blow job, but he keeps trying to get it back up for round two and I feel like I get caught up in my own sexual pleasure and I zone out the fact that he might want some too, and when it comes to mind I try to do the stuff he likes but I don't do it nearly as much as he does. Also I have no clue how I'm supposed to jerk or blow him when he's soft, so I feel like a selfish bitch just sitting there.
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