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About Breast Cancer: Komen Wrestles With Planned Parenthood

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
When big players in the war on breast cancer have a fight, everybody watches. Both sides took some punches, and the dust is still settling. One thing is certain - social media played a big part in the contest.

Komen Withdraws/Returns Support To Planned Parenthood
Komen for the Cure withdrew its financial support from Planned Parenthood (PPFA), then returned it after a 3-day social media firestorm. In those 3 days, PPFA was bombarded with donations that exceeded the Komen funds. Many people shredded their pink ribbons as they used their internet power to vent their frustrations with the organization of their choice.
Confused about the issues? Here are the critical facts. And if you like, sound off right here!
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Where Do My Pink Ribbon Donations Go?
One big issue of the fight was "What did Komen's funds finance at PPFA?" Much of the conversation focused on abortion, a procedure that Planned Parenthood provides. Many people swore to switch their donations to a different organization because of the fuss. Before you take such steps, use some sense and make sure you know where your dollars are spent.
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Pink Ribbon - Universal Symbol
If you're still thinking about ripping up all your pink ribbons (or buying even more!) remember: this symbol is not the unique property of any one charity. Evelyn Lauder helped to popularize the ribbon, but anybody can make their own version of the popular symbol. So if you've still got your pink ribbons and pink tschotskes, use them to remind you that the fight against breast cancer is ongoing, no matter who is fighting it.

Give Support Without Giving Money
Be a real friend to someone in chemo. My sister spend about 6 months being a chemo buddy for a girlfriend. Little did she know that one year later, that friend would be doing the same for her! Here are 10 ways to be a good chemo buddy.


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