Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About Allergies: Spring Allergies Are Here!

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From Daniel More, MD, your Guide to Allergies
Spring is the most common time of the year for people to experience hay fever. As the weather gets warmer and plants start to bloom, trees and grasses release pollen into the air, triggering allergic symptoms in those with seasonal allergies...Read more

What Causes Seasonal Allergies?
A seasonal allergy is an allergic reaction to a trigger that is typically only present for part of the year, such as spring or fall. This type of allergy refers to a pollen allergy, such as trees, weeds and grasses... Read more

How Pollen Causes Allergy Symptoms
Pollen consists of tiny, egg-shaped, powdery grains released from flowering plants, which are carried by the wind or insects and serve to cross-pollinate other plants of the same type for reproductive purposes. When pollen is present in the air, it can land in a person's eyes, nose, lungs and skin and cause... Read more

What Pollen Counts Actually Mean
We've all seen the daily pollen count report on the news or in the newspaper. These reports (or more accurately, forecasts) give us some idea of how much pollen is present in the air. Levels of tree pollen, grass pollen, and weed pollen are reported most often as being "low", "medium" or "high". Occasionally, these reports give further details on which kinds of tree and weed pollens are present, such as oak tree pollen or ragweed pollen... Read more


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