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About Cholesterol: Is Your Child At Risk for High Cholesterol?

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From Jennifer Moll, your Guide to Cholesterol
When you think of someone with high cholesterol, what type of person pops into your mind? Perhaps someone a little older or a little heavier? However, I bet an image of a child never entered your mind. Unfortunately, high cholesterol in children is a disturbing trend that has popped up in recent years. While it isn't seen in every child, there are some children that may be at risk of having - or already have - high cholesterol.

When Should You Have Your Child's Cholesterol Checked?
Although all adults over the age of 20 should get their cholesterol checked routinely, only some children need their cholesterol tested. Is your child obese? Did you have high cholesterol at an early age? These are some of the factors that determine whether or not your child's cholesterol needs to be checked.

I Have High Cholesterol - Will My Child Have It, Too?
High cholesterol can be inherited, but it doesn't necessarily mean that your child will have it. This article will talk about the types of inherited high cholesterol diseases and how often these occur.

High Cholesterol & Your Child: Should You Worry?
High cholesterol is beginning to show up in adolescents and children. Should you worry about high cholesterol in your child? There are some instances where you may want to have your child's cholesterol checked. While high cholesterol is rare, there are some risk factors that may place your child at risk of having high cholesterol.

How Are You Preventing High Cholesterol in Your Kids?
How do you keep your kids active year round? Whether it is limiting TV and computer time, or encouraging participation in a sport, share your tips.


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