Tuesday, January 3, 2012

About Yoga: Resolutions (and Intentions) Made Easy

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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
My teacher gave a very nice talk today about the difference between making resolutions and setting intensions. Since I've never been that jazzed about resolutions, the kinder, gentler idea of intentions sits better with me. Resolutions seem hard and almost punitive, intentions seem looser and more open to changing along the way if necessary. Whichever term you prefer, there's no disputing that the official end of the holidays offers a good opportunity to return to healthier routines. Here are some ways to do just that.

30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide
This 30-Day Quick Start Guide is designed to get you going by providing specific yoga routines for each day and laying out a schedule of increasingly challenging workouts. The guide will work for new yogis, home practitioners, and those who want to combine yoga classes and home workouts. Getting in the habit of a regular yoga practice is key to enjoying all the benefits yoga offers.

Making Practical Yoga Resolutions That Will Stick
Do you have some fitness goals in mind for 2012? Two themes tend to dominate New Year's resolutions: getting in shape and saving money. With a plan in place to implement your yoga resolutions, you can do both.

Yoga Pose of the Day
I get so much positive feedback about how inspirational it is to find a new pose in your in-box each day. Sign up for the free Pose of the Day email now!

Pose of the Week - Happy Baby - Ananda Balasana
Happy baby, happy hips, happy new year!
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